Western Australia

Perth and Margaret River 

Throw in superb beaches, stunning sunsets, global eats and booming small-bar and street-art scenes. And Perth seems downright hip.

Not far away to the south is the Margret River wine region, with vineyards restaurants, artisan food producers, and some of Australia’s most spectacular surf beaches and rugged coastline, what a spectacular place. 

skyline of Perth with city central business district at the noon

Kings park and Botanic Garden

Rising above the Swan River on Perth’s western flanks, the 400-hectare, bush-filled Kings Park is the city’s pride and joy.

Margret River Region

The Margret River region combines many modern Australia’s most enduring attractions, from quality food and wine to surfing and enjoying a beautiful coast.


Magnificent sandstone cliffs terminate at the Indian Ocean. The beautiful Murchison River snakes through tall, steep gorges before ending treacherously at Gantheaume Bay. Wild flowers line paths frequented by kangaroos, emus and thorny devils while whales breach just off shore, and rare orchids struggle in the rocky ground. To the north, the towering line of the limestone Zuytdorp Cliffs remain aloof, pristine and remote.

View of Murchison River from Nature’s Window, Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia


The remoteness of Broome, in the far north of Western Australia, is part of its allure. Hours from most Australian capital cities, it’s the southern gateway to the magical, mystical Kimberley region, where red desert meets white sand and turquoise waters.

 It is also home to one of Australia’s most iconic stretches of sand – Cable Beach – which is where you’ll find the famous camel trains, now a symbol of the thriving tourist industry in the area. Don’t miss sitting on Cable Beach at sunset, watching the sun dip spectacularly into the Indian Ocean, turning the water into a pool of reds, oranges and pinks, and the camels into mere silhouettes.

A golden sunset on Cable Beach featuring the famous Broome Camel ride.

The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park

An eerie desert landscape greets you in Western Australia’s Nambung National Park on the Coral Coast. In contrast to the neighbouring sparkling Indian Ocean, the yellow dunes of the desert are host to thousands of rock spires known as the Pinnacles. Some of these spires are several meters high and they rise out of the sand to resemble something that wouldn’t look out of place on Mars.


Framed by aquamarine waters and pristine white beaches, Esperance sits in solitary splendour on the Bay of Isles. But despite its isolation, families still travel from Perth or Kalgoorlie just to plug into the easy going vibe and great beach life. 

Picture- perfect beaches dot the even more remote national parks to the towns south-east, and the pristine environment of the 105 islands offshore Recherche Archipelago are home to fur seals, penguins and sea birds.

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